Ruth Hay is a retired teacher-librarian who has spent her life reading a wide variety of books. Now, she has the great pleasure of writing compelling stories to share the joy of reading!

If you would like to get in touch with her, she loves receiving reader mail at [email protected]

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  1. Dear Ruth, I have just finished reading Auld Aquaintance. This is the first of your books I have read an I loved it. I can’t wait to start the next in this series and am so glad there are lots more to come. Thank you for your beautiful gift of writing. Sincerely, Joanne Gerwig

  2. Hi Joanne
    I am delighted that you enjoyed the first book in my Prime Time series.
    There are 7 more books that continue Anna’s story.
    Happy Reading!

  3. Hi Ruth, I am in the middle of reading Auld Acquaintance and I am really enjoying it. I really love hearing your description of Glasgow from a Canadian point of view. I spent my last holiday on the west coast of Scotland. We went to Oban but I never got to see the centre of Glasgow. I would love to find out a bit more about you.

  4. Hi Marie
    So nice to hear from you. I am delighted that you enjoyed Auld Acquaintance my first book and the first of the Prime Time series of 8 titles.
    Check into ruthhay.com and request my free monthly newsletter. It’s very personal.

  5. Ruth,
    I just finished your first book in the Prime Time Series & loved it! As a result, I purchased the next 3 books in the series & can’t wait to begin reading Number 2 in the series. Thank you for the warm & comfortable read. Especially now, as we have been quarantined for 8 weeks. Reading about good & kind people across the globe is so wonderful! Thank you!

  6. Thank you Brenda.I love my first series and feel sure you will enjoy all of it.
    Many more books of mine to come if you want.
    I am still writing!

  7. Thank you Brenda.
    I love my first series.
    You will find lots of other series of mine to enjoy.
    Happy Reading.

  8. I have never reached out to an author before but your books moved me so much I had to let you know how much I enjoy reading them. After reading the first several, the others are being treasured and spaced out so they will last longer. You know exactly what women are going through and what will help them in the future. Thanks for writing for us!!!

  9. Thank you Brenda!
    I am trying to be positive in this very difficult time. My latest series Home Truths, is set in the coronavirus period and has some darker elements. I just finished the fourth book, Family Futures, and I managed to reach a good conclusion for all of my characters.

  10. Dear Ruth, I have just finished the first two books in your Prime Time series. First let me say that I have enjoyed reading them. However, I was puzzled as to why, in Time out of Mind, you changed George’s name to Andrew, the name of the Canadian librarian with whom Anna worked, and why you said that Anna purchased Helen Dunlop’s house when Helen had bequeathed it to her in Auld Acquaintance. Can you please enlighten me? I would have thought your editor would have noticed.

  11. Dear May
    Apologies for the delay in responding to your very observant email.
    My only excuse is that those two books were my first publications over ten years ago.
    Since that time I have learned a great deal and written 40 plus books!
    My writing process now is online as before but for each book I have a notebook to record chapters and detail such as incidental characters names. I hope you will continue reading.
    Ruth Hay.

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