Cat Clues Series

Justine and the Psychic Connection – Cat Clues Book One

Justine Jordan arrives in the small village of Lenzie hoping to find peace and quiet. Instead she finds a Siamese cat on her new doorstep, a clear sign she’s about to be pulled into a mystery that must be solved. Can she help her new neighbour whilst protecting her own secrets and adjusting to her new life?

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Justine and the Catling Catastrophe – Cat Clues Book Two

Returning to her Cornwall roots for rest and recovery may not be one of Justine’s better decisions. She encounters a cat problem that almost overwhelms her, and she learns her past holds uncomfortable secrets that must now be faced.

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Justine and the Midnight Catechism – Cat Clues Book Three

Justine returns to familiar territory and a new work assignment. She will be in the midst of a difficult situation with asylum seekers that she could never have imagined before. This time she has with her a small companion who must prove her worth. Will a partner she left behind years ago provide the extra support Justine needs, or will she find herself at the point of exhaustion?

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