Home Truths

Family Matters

Elizabeth Goodwin Mowat reaches the point in her life where she must face home truths. 

Is she happy in her marriage?

Has she made a good job of rearing her children?

Can she live with the secrets that blight her happiness?

Does she owe the rest of her life to caring for an aging mother?

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Family Secrets

So much in Elizabeth’s life is unsettled.

Will the old Goodwin Farmhouse remain standing long enough to give up all its secrets?

How much can she hope to rely on Opal?

How will Aaron adjust to his new reality?

Will Barbara be able to reconcile with her family in a meaningful way?

What happens to a family when unexpected wealth changes their circumstances?

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Family Bonds

Elizabeth Goodwin Mowat sacrificed many years to bring up her family. 

Her secret desire to escape and live a different life has been thwarted by the needs of her mother, Sadie Goodwin, and the cascade of problems resulting from the COVID-19 epidemic.

Can she now plan to extricate herself from all her responsibilities and begin again?

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Family Futures

The global pandemic has changed lives in both significant, and small, ways.

Elizabeth’s family have a better sense of the importance of every day, and every person in their connected lives, as well as the importance of fulfilling their delayed dreams.

Where these various dreams take them is how the Goodwin clan will re-make their futures.

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