Journey of a Lifetime Series


High-flying Auralie MacQuillan is blind to her family’s Irish history until she confronts the evidence in a crumbling old mansion.

Rapid decisions follow as Auralie remakes her life to fit her more authentic self.

Ambitious women are the focus of Ruth Hay’s new women’s fiction series, Journey of A Lifetime. Each story gives you insights into a woman’s chosen career and her secret compromises on the way to the top.


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Getting to the top sometimes requires deception; a lot of deception.
Nadine Cowan lives two lives simultaneously. She is a rising star in the big business of education and a mother of four children with a stay-at-home husband and a support system designed to keep everyone happy, healthy and moving forward.
The secret to her success is in separating these two lives.
But it has not been easy.


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Some dire events in life can never be erased.

They must be lived with, reconciled, or revenged.

When Mariette Theresa Wyatt entered the door to her old home, it was the last step in a long journey and the first step in a new one.


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You can’t drown your fears in a swimming pool no matter how fast you swim.

Her life was limited to the size of a backyard pool until her time ran out and she found herself forced to enter the much larger and more challenging pool of adult existence.


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