The Piano Discovery

Rosalie did not realize just how sad and depressed she was until a chance encounter with a reminder of her past life, brought her new hope and purpose.

She never could have imagined just how transformative that encounter would be.

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The Music Connection

When Rosalie Frobisher joined The Minstrels group, there was no one more pleased than Carlos Gonzalez.
 For him, she formed a bridge between his early life and the present one. He dreamed of finally blending these two realities, with Rosalie by his side.

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The Strings Retied

Rosalie Frobisher finds herself in a desperate condition.

She must make a break with everything and everyone she has relied upon and throw herself on the mercy of a family she has treated very badly.

She must flee to the other side of the world and seek redemption, while leaving behind in Canada, two men she cared for, and who are unaware that one of them is the father of her unborn child.Rosalie knows she is risking everything, but she can see no other option.

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The Major Dissonance

With everything in Australia thrown into turmoil, can Rosalie’s friends far away in Canada, come to her rescue in time to save lives?

Jean and Margaret, Carlos and James, must play significant roles, but it may be Thomas Kent who brings all their efforts together.

Big decisions wait for Rosalie Frobisher and the Frobisher family, in this final challenging book in the Keynotes series.

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