Seven Days Series

Seven Days There

Valerie Westwood never expected to outlive her husband.
David had been so full of life, such a commanding presence as a father and partner, that even after his cancer diagnosis, she could not imagine he would fail to beat this challenge, as he had all others.
His final years had been much harder on her than she could believe.
Now she was alone with decisions to make. Their grown sons had families and lives of their own.
It was time for Valerie to start again but, first, she needed the consolation and comfort of her old friends.
She would find a way to bring the women together in a place so special that it would unlock the past and give all of them a glimpse of a new future.

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Seven Days Back

The week in the Lake District apartment is over.

Valerie, Sandra, Corinne and Zoe have shared secret parts of their lives but now they all return home.

There are men in their lives who must adjust to changes they are not expecting.

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Seven Days Beyond

So much has happened to Valerie and her friends in the decade since they spent a week of friendship and bonding in the Lake District.

Now Valerie wants to revisit that memorable event but her plans have to change when an unexpected surprise takes precedence.

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Seven Days Away

In the fourth book in this series we find Zoe Morton with her husband Wesley at an exclusive Mexican resort.

It was meant to be a relaxing week in them sun with no worries but an unexpected encounter with Wesley’s revered professor opens up a can of worms and the private couple are drawn into the drama with unexpected results.

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Seven Days Horizons

The amazing Mexican week is behind them but repercussions echo into the following months.

In England, Zoe and Wesley must deal with their tentative promises to each other and the Toronto Beck family’s three generations is only starting to cope with a number of challenging issues.

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Seven Days Destinations

Jillian and Zoe are two of the outstanding women in this contemporary women’s fiction series. Each deserved a shorter book of their own to complete their life stories. These two books, Seven Days With Jillian, and Seven Days With Zoe, are here under one title: Seven Days Destinations.

Seven Days With Jillian
So much has happened in the Beck family since the incredible week in Mexico.
Back in Canada, Jillian must take stock, appreciate her new start, and plan the futures of her husband and their three children.
Easy? Not so much!

Seven Days With Zoe
Zoe and Wesley Philips had everything a couple could possibly want. The birth of their son would complete the perfect picture.
But life doesn’t always go as planned.

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