Together and Apart Series

Marry or Not – Together and Apart Book One

Sharon Jones and Walter Watson are two single people in their sixties, with very different life experiences.

Can they find a way to live together that meets their current needs without flaunting their traditional beliefs?

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Divorce or Stay – Together and Apart Book Two

Astrid and Ray Freeling are a young married couple with everything ahead of them and a fine home in which to begin their new life together.

Sounds perfect?

Take a peek behind the fancy exterior and see what is really happening in their lives.

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Repeat or Retreat – Together and Apart Book Three

Yvette Lawrence is divorced, raising two young children whom she shares with her ex. She has not yet adjusted to this different life in which her ex has a new wife.

Conrad Pender is recently divorced, starting over, and moving away from home, with no special hopes for the future. 

Can these two heart-broken people overcome the failures in their lives and try again to make a successful marriage?

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Love or Money – Together and Apart Book Four

Veronica Maxwell is not sure she likes marriage and all the restrictions it requires of her.
 She definitely dislikes being poor. She enjoys most of all, her work as a beauty consultant.

Her husband, Dale Maxwell, is willing to make most of the compromises his wife needs, but there is a point at which a big adjustment is coming, and Dale is not sure of the outcome.

What matters more to Veronica, Love or Money? Money or Love?

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