Ruth’s Book News for Fall/Autumn 2021

Yes, I am still here and still writing.

You may have seen my Home Truths Series of four titles but that is not all that’s new.

The first title, Family Matters is now FREE and you will love getting to know Elizabeth, an amazing mother, wife, grandmother and friend at the beginning of her life-changing discoveries.

I am currently busy writing a Ninth series. No you are not seeing a misprint! 

Keynotes is my ninth series and it is already three books in!

I thought it was time to explore my love of music, and piano playing in particular. This series has given me the opportunity to try music I have loved in the past through two singing sisters who become unlikely star performers.

The Piano Discovery, The Music Connection and The Strings Retied are out now. You will meet Rosalie and find out how she is gifted with a piano, and how the friends she makes through music have a huge effect on her. Warning: (Some of it is not entirely positive!)

The Keynotes Series is progressing at an amazing rate of one a month!

I hope to continue with this speed through November. Fingers crossed! 

Happy Reading during periods when you are not raking leaves.

Ruth Hay

[email protected]