Stuck at Home?

Everything can have both good and bad aspects. Yes it’s tough to miss seeing friends and family and eating at home every day can get wearisome for whoever’s job it is to do the cooking.

BUT think of all those corners that need a good clearing out; all those emails you meant to answer and all those crafts and hobbies you always wanted to try.

For an author, this extra time to write is a real bonus. I have two series on the go at the moment. I am working on the sixth of my Cat Clues series and I am already on the second title in my new family saga, Home Truths. The first title, soon to be an ebook is Family Matters and it is a hard look at the kinds of problems family members can create. Book two in this series is titled Family Secrets. That speaks for itself and the secrets are most surprising, believe me!

I can see a third title. Family Bonds will come along fairly soon at this rate.

Beyond that I do not know.

A series like this can take a whole year of writing but this year is not normal in any way. As I said, it’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good!

I hope you find a way to benefit from this lockdown situation also.

Happy Reading.