Summer Song

The sun is shining and the garden blooms now. It all looks like normal but normal is a long way from this. Schools are formally closed for the year but parents have a long hot summer ahead in which to keep their kids busy and safe from the virus .

Here in a quiet part of Ontario the numbers are good but I know parents who are very worried about infecting their elders as well as exposing their children to COVID-19.

As a writer I find I cannot ignore what is going on around me so my new series Home Truths is set in the current time frame and involves a family whose history stretches back for many years and begins to affect the present circumstances through an old journal.

I am now starting the third book: Family Bonds. The first two, Family Matters and Family Secrets are finished and plenty of excitement fills their pages.

In fact I have three books waiting to be published.

At least this isolation has been good for something!