Twenty Twenty Thoughts.

What a year!

This is one none of us will ever forget.

Very few of us escaped one kind of disaster or another. Be it bad weather events, or sickness, or family problems related to finances, something unforgettable in this year will linger.

If there was one advantage in being confined to home, perhaps it was the greater amount of time for personal writing and reading. You may have cleared out bookshelves and discovered treasures that demanded another read for pure pleasure, or finally had a chance to sit down and start that journal, family record book, or memoir you promised to write.

For an author it has been long stretches in which plans could be made and projects completed in these last weeks of the year.

I am sure you join me in fervent hopes that 2021 will bring less pain and death and lack of stability everywhere in the world.

We need peace and goodwill toward others more than we ever have.

Best Wishes to you from Ruth Hay.