Prime Time Series

Prime Time was my first series. I was hoping to find readers in the prime of their lives with time to read captivating stories, set in real-life locations and featuring women you would like to get to know.

Anna Mason is that woman. She is at a crossroads in her life when she gets a chance to take a new direction and travel to Scotland with the encouragement of her group of faithful friends.

This series is now eight full books and Anna is still going strong with adventures that will transport you to places you might never expect. You will fall in love with Anna, as I have.

The Prime Time Series consists of:

Auld Acquaintance

Time Out of Mind

Now or Never

Sand in the Wind

With This Ring

The Seas Between Us

Return to Oban: Anna’s Next Chapter

Fiona of Glenmorie

Seafarers Series

Seafarers was my chance to spread my wings. I had no idea how far the first cruise ship adventure would take me. You may still find the first title, Sea Changes, but a recent decision has caused me to re-start the series with a new focus on my favourite sisters from the cruise, Emily and Gwen. It is Gwen who, at an advanced age, is the object of interest of more than one suitor. You will want to know how she ends up sailing to Tasmania and Australia on a mission of discovery.

The Seafarers Series consists of:

Sea Changes

Sea Tides

Gwen’s Gentleman

Gwen’s Choice

Seven Days Series

Seven Days is a short period of time. Valerie wants to spend that time with three women friends from her past. She chooses a beautiful location in the English Lake District and invites Sandra, Corinne and Zoe to join her there to renew their old connections.

Who will accept her invitation?  Will lives be changed, or not?

You will have six titles in this series to read and savour. Delve deep into these fascinating family stories.

The Seven Days Series consists of:

Seven Days There

Seven Days Back

Seven Days Beyond

Seven Days Away

Seven Days Horizons

Seven Days Destinations


Borderlines is a stand-alone thriller which has glimpses into the lives of characters from my other series.

Rena has made a dire mistake. She committed to Greg so fast and so completely that she was unable to see what was happening to her. Now she must disappear to save her life. How can she do this so that the man she thought she loved can never find her?


Home Sweet Home Series

Home Sweet Home is the first series set exclusively in my home city of London, Ontario, Canada.

Mavis and Hilary have no intention of spending their golden years in a nursing facility.

Their plan is to find and buy a large home with all the conveniences they might need into the future. To accomplish this, it will be necessary to track down, interview and approve, several suitable companions to share the costs and provide ongoing support and companionship.


Certainly risky in some respects.  But if it can be made to work, this experiment in co-housing could be exactly what all the women need.

The Home Sweet Home Series consists of:

Harmony House

Fantasy House

Remedy House

Affinity House

Memory House

Journey of a Lifetime Series

Journey of a Lifetime brings you four shorter books for a quick read. Each of these very different young women has significant problems to overcome if she is to succeed in accomplishing the dream of a purposeful life.

For some, survival is predominant. Others want to craft a life in which they can have it all; work, marriage and children. One has a death to avenge and another does not understand who she is.

A degree of deception may be asked of them, but what woman ever succeeded by being completely truthful?

The Journey of a Lifetime Series consists of:





Starcopes Series

Starscopes is Ruth Hay’s venture into the unknown.
Be prepared to meet fascinating characters whose lives may, or may not, be influenced by the paranormal.
Do you believe in horoscopes, numerology and psychic predictions?
Have you ever acted on a coincidence and changed your life for the better?
Read and decide for yourself in this absorbing new series.

The Starscopes Series consists of:

Starscopes: Winter

Starscopes: Spring

Starscopes: Summer

Starscopes: Fall