Prime Time Series

Auld Acquintance

Auld Acquaintance is the story of a woman in her 60s who has lost her confidence through life events, including a divorce. Anna has a part-time job in a library, and a group of good friends, but her hopes for a brighter future are growing dim.Unexpectedly, she receives a legal letter informing her that she has inherited a piece of property in Scotland. Her first instinct is to ignore this letter as she has no knowledge of the person named as the owner. Anna’s friends persuade her to travel to Scotland and stay until she can decide how to dispose of the farm house near Oban. So begins an adventure which opens up prospects for Anna and introduces her to a new environment and new people who help her.

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Time Out of Mind

When two young people from opposite sides of the Atlantic meet accidentally in England’s Lake District, Anna Mason finds another piece of the family puzzle she has been seeking.
This story highlights the problems of today’s families where four generations compete for time and space.

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Now or Never

In this book, two of Anna’s dear friends travel to Italy for very different and urgent family reasons.
Will Maria find common ground at the villa with her rebellious teenage daughter before it is too late?
Will Susan persuade her husband, Jake, that a new, unproven treatment for multiple sclerosis may be a risk they cannot afford to take?
Anna helps both her friends from a distance then draws them together for an unexpected event that provides an exciting conclusion.

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Sand in the Wind

In this story, we see the depth of the friendship between Anna and Alina.

Anna uncovers more about Helen Dunlop and settles an issue arising from Helen’s past.

Anna and Alina travel from Canada to Egypt on holiday. They meet up with Philip in Luxor and have several startling encounters amid exciting and exotic locations

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With This Ring

The fifth novel in this series examines marriage in all its complexities.

Lynn’s marriage is in crisis as she contemplates her husband’s retirement plans. Alina wonders if marriage is advisable so late in her life, and Anna faces a relationship possibility that turns her life upside down.

This story will make you think about the institution of marriage in the 21st century in new ways, as you contemplate the significance of rings in your own life.

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The Seas Between Us

Anna Mason has transformed her life by learning to welcome challenges.
With the help of her Samba friends, she has enlarged her existence and found another home in Scotland. Now that the mystery of Helen Dunlop’s past is finally laid to rest, Anna can look ahead.
In this concluding book of the series, Anna must try to overcome her doubts about the younger man, a talented artist, who claims her as his soulmate.
Both she and Lawren set out on journeys to discover more about their parents’ generation and the reasons for the life-altering decisions that broke families asunder. In tackling these quests, they must each integrate the lessons of the past which will allow them to create a better future.
You will meet old friends again and follow their relationships including the exciting story of how Anna’s young protégé, Fiona, finds her true path in life.
A future romance blossoms in this novel!

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Return to Oban: Anna’s Next Chapter

Anna Mason Drake has seen many changes in her life. She returns to Oban once more, expecting a peaceful time among her friends.

Will she find the respite she longs for, or another set of demanding challenges to be faced?

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Fiona of Glenmorie

Fiona Campbell is living a life she could never have imagined. With a busy husband, three children and a Net Zero house in the depths of the Glenmorie Estate, she has more than enough to handle, but she has learned life never stays still for long. There is always another challenge. In Oban, Scotland, in the tight-knit community of Anna Mason Drake’s friends, there are exciting events on the horizon.

Readers should note that this novel reunites them with characters from other books and series by Ruth Hay, including Rena and Steve Collins from the Escape or Die series.

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Anna in Exile

As the ninth book in Ruth Hay’s beloved Prime Time Series begins, Anna Mason Drake finds herself in a dilemma.

Many of her richest memories, and her most dear acquaintances, are in Oban, Scotland, while she is trapped in Canada by the global pandemic.

Time is going by. Will she ever see the McCaig Estate House finished?

Will she miss exciting events in the lives of those she loves?

Is she to be isolated forever by circumstances, and held hostage by the encroaching weakness of age and illness?

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Anna’s Armchair

Anna has remained in Oban, in her beloved McCaig Estate Farmhouse, with Ashley’s family. 
They have had some difficult settling-in times, but at last all seems to be calm and comfortable with baby Austin now approaching three years old. 
The last thing Anna needs is more disruption, but she knows her life in Oban has many moving parts and many loving people, and time marches on faster than even she can imagine.

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